Charlie Prince
Charlie Prince

Why do you do what you do?

First because i carry a deep love and fascination for the body but also my reasons for practicing this craft are steadily shifting - as the world changes - my body changes.

I believe in offering - in clarity & generosity; in community; in allowing meaning to be created - rather than imposed upon - 

As an Arab artist - i feel the responsibility to propose work that in its nature diverges or steers away from current sensationalized narratives that are imposed on the world by mainstream media. 

We are not all victims - we are not all terrorists; we are complex, vibrant, eclectic and contemporary beings who are constantly re-writing their definitions.


How do you work?

I believe there are always two of us working inside; one that is aware of what they’re doing and the other that isn’t - the moment the two meet is the point of contact i strive & reach for. 

I invite all spirits & sources into my practice; the oscillations of Beirut’s traffic; a guitar solo -  a blurry collage; improvisation; accidental revelations -  connecting to the unbound.

I see the body as a container of landscapes - histories; - joy - trauma; in this sense i always try to emerge from the body -  & allow its inner intricacies to come out and play. 


What role does the artist have in society today?

To offer the potential of experiencing otherness.




Charlie Prince / Biography:

Born in the mountains of Lebanon (1991), Charlie is a a dance artist currently based between Europe and Lebanon.

As a performer, Charlie has worked with Ballet BC in Vancouver and Cie. Alias in Geneva.

Charlie was invited by Marie Chouinard, artistic director of the Venice Dance Biennale to dance in 3 new creations that will premiere at the festival in 2017.

He is also currently working with choreographer Keren Rosenberg in Amsterdam.

Since 2015, Charlie has been an artist associated with Maqamat Dance Theatre in Beirut, where he is frequently invited to participate in residencies, creations and labs.

He has recently premiered his first solo-work beit Beit Jissmi at the 2017 Leymoun edition of Beirut International Platform of Dance.

For this process, he had the privilege to be mentored by renown Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite. 

He has also been invited to be an artist of MEEM - a capacity building project that aims to build an Arab Contemporary Dance network.

Charlie also holds a Bachelor of Music from McGill University in Montreal.