SZENE Salzburg:
Performing New Europe
SZENE Salzburg:
Performing New Europe

Performing New Europe

A Festival by SZENE Salzburg from January 15th to 20th


Performing New Europe is back. This is already the fourth occasion that SZENE Salzburg has

produced the PNEU festival, providing the artists of the European apap-network an

international platform to present their work.

From 15th to 20th January we offer the chance

to see nine productions that engage with controversial sociopolitical issues, introduce

memorable choreographic signatures and impress with strong formal statements.



Superamas open the festival with Vive l’Armée!, a play about nationalistic ambitions and

military conflicts that establishes a lively dialogue between the First World War and

contemporary terrorist attacks. Based on conversational techniques from diverse cultures

and countries, the collective Third Space has created the participatory format Building

Conversation. And  Ivana Müller’s current creation is also inspired by the theme of

communication – in Conversations Out of Place our relationship with nature comes under scrutiny. 

Christina Ciupke & Ayşe Orhon present a reduced but intense play on intimacy and

distance, choreographed and performed with superb precision in At Close Distance. A more

lavish approach is taken by Cecilia Bengolea & SEAD’s BODHI PROJECT in 

Sound of the Trap– an evening of dance that thrillingly combines Jamaican dance hall and

Argentinian cumbia with Mozart symphonies and Afro Trap.

The artist duo Marta Navaridas & Alexander Deutinger seek out iconic personalities of our time in 

Your Majesties and perform Barack Obama’s legendary Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. In 

with us Julia Schwarzbach is interested in the “togetherness” of bodies space, objects and sounds as

well as in the dynamics of the relationship between performer and viewer. Maria Jerez creates a

fascinating cosmos of forms, materials, rhythms and sounds in her installation performance Yabba

Goodbye is the title of Michikazu Matsune’s scrupulous, but also humorous

examination of that great interpersonal theme of parting. The programme is rounded off

with the post-performance talk show Später bei Peter. Tanz, Talente, Temperamente

hosted by Peter Stamer, where clever conversation and intelligent improvisation awaits from both

guests and host, and the group discussion Passion and Politics.








Superamas (F/A)

Vive l’Armée!

Mon January 15th, 8pm

republic, 75 min

in French and English language, with English subtitles


Navaridas & Deutinger (E/A)

Your Majesties

Mon January 15th  and Tue January 16th, 6pm

Toihaus Theater, 45 min

in English language


Christina Ciupke & Ayşe Orhon (D/TR)

At Close Distance

Tue January 16th, 8pm and Wed January 17th, 6pm

ARGEkultur, 45 min

Tue January 16th: Artist Talk with Peter Stamer after the performance


Julia Schwarzbach (A)

with us

Wed January 17th, 5pm, Thu January  18th and Fri January 19th, 6pm

tanz_house Studio, ± 55 min


Maria Jerez & Lanoche (E)


Wed January 17th, 8pm

republic, 60 min


Michikazu Matsune (A/J)


Thu January  18th, 8pm and Sat Januar 20th, 5pm

Toihaus Theater, ±  45 min

in English language

Thu January 18th: Artist Talk with Peter Stamer after the performance


Third Space (NL)

Building Conversation

Fri January 19th, 3pm

Kavernen 1595, 240 min

in English and German language


Ivana Müller (F/HR)

Conversations Out of Place

Fri January 19th, 8pm and Sat January 20th, 6pm

ARGEkultur, 70 min

in English language


Cecilia Bengolea (F/AR) & SEAD’s BODHI PROJECT (A)

Sound of the Trap

Sat January 20th, 8pm

republic, ± 55 min

9:30pm: Final party with DJ


Peter Stamer (D)

Später bei Peter

Tanz, Talente, Temperamente – A post-performance talk show

Mon January 15th, 9:30pm with Superamas and Navaridas & Deutinger

Wed January 17th, 9:30pm with Maria Jerez, Julia Schwarzbach and Nic Lloyd

Fri January 19th, 9:30pm with Ivana Müller and Third Space

Kavernen 1595

in English and German language, free entrance


Passion and Politics

Discussion about art and networks

Sat January 20th, 11am

Kavernen 1595, ± 90 Min

in English language, free entrance





See the detailed programme here